The MEDEA Consortium is proud to organise and launch an Open Call for Security Solutions and Ideas, running from September 20th to November 19th 2021.  

A few words about the MEDEA project

MEDEA is an EU funded project which has brought together multi-disciplinary security practitioners in the Mediterranean and Black Sea (M&BS) Region with the aim to support and enhance their societies’ safety, security, and resilience. To that effect, this community has defined a coherent strategy to jointly tackle existing and emerging security challenges across technological, human, organisational, and regulatory dimensions.

Open Call for security solutions and ideas

The MEDEA Project aspires to fulfill fifty-five capability gaps identified by security practitioners in the M&BS Region. Solution providers, innovation pioneers, researchers, academics, policy makers, and experienced security practitioners are encouraged to participate and submit their proposals, products, and solutions so as to improve security practitioners’ operational capabilities in the following thematic areas, i.e.: 

  • Management of migration flows and asylum seekers  
  • Border management  
  • Fight against cross-border crime and terrorism, and 
  • Natural hazards and technological accidents

Why participate

This open call process will offer a unique opportunity to solution providers and innovators to engage in a constructive dialogue with first-line practitioners and to understand their operational needs with the scope of limiting, or altogether eliminating, identified and frequently occurring capability gaps, and anticipating adversities in a better equipped manner. 

Additionally, the responders to this call will be offered incentives. Selected security solution providers will be offered the opportunity to engage with potential end-users and demonstrate their solutions in a series of proof-of-concept demonstrations. Likewise, selected security innovators will be offered cash prizes, recognition, and advertisement of their submission. 

More information on how to submit your application is available on our website, where you shall find all the details specified in the Terms of Reference, the practitioners’ identified capability gaps documented in Annex 2, who can participate and how, as well as what the benefits are.

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