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Physical event invitation

The MEDEA project would like to invite you to the Solutions Demonstration event, which will take place physically in the city of Nîmes, France during 7th of November, 2022.

This event targets practitioners and policy makers, aiming to bring them together with industry stakeholders who offer operational solutions to improve population safety toward natural hazards.

Thus, since your expertise falls into the categories of this event’s target audiences, we deeply believe that your participation, feedback, and engagement in discussions will highly benefit you, creating also a valuable impact for helping save more people from natural hazards.

Solutions identification

The MEDEA Project during its four years of implementation, has identified current capability challenges that practitioners face in their daily work duties. By bringing together practitioners, policymakers, and the industry, the project aspires to use these challenges as a driver to identify solutions that may address these gaps and provide practitioners with improved levels of preparedness and response, thus increasing the overall security level in the European Union.

Thus, the MEDEA project launched an Open Call for Security Solutions and Ideas where 13 solutions and ideas were submitted following specific guidelines and documentation. Proposals were subsequently presented in four (4) dedicated Research, Development, and Industry (RDI) Days, each of them focused to address, through the submitted solutions and ideas, operational capability gaps in the project’s four thematic areas:

  1. The Management of Migration Flows and Asylum Seekers (TCP1)
  2. Border Management (TCP2)
  3. Fight Against Cross-border Crime and Terrorism (TCP3)
  4. Natural Hazards and Technological Accidents (TCP4)

The event

The MEDEA project by continuing its communication, exchange, and collaboration with Security Stakeholders, is organizing a Solutions Demonstrations event (7th November) where solution providers will have the opportunity to present the functionalities of their solutions to practitioners, in Nîmes, France. The Solutions Demonstrations event will include solutions for the thematic areas of “Natural Hazards and Technological Accidents (TCP4)”, mainly focused on Wildfire at Urban Interface and Flash Flood.

Attendance in this event will provide ample opportunities to practitioners and industry to exchange ideas, elaborate on the identified needs, and engage participants into constructive discussions. Therefore, it will offer a unique opportunity to gather solution providers and practitioners, where the former can present their solutions to possible end-users, and the latter can share their needs and insights about existing solutions.


  • It will be our great honor to have you in our event and we hope you accept our invitation.
  • Registration is mandatory both for organizational and security reasons as the event is by invitation only.
  • The Event Agenda as well as more logistics information will follow with the successful registration.
  • PLEASE REGISTER before the 6th October by sending an e-mail to: s.cali_vasconcelos@valabre.com & n.bozabalian@valabre.com

Thank you for considering our invitation and we are looking forward to seeing you in Nime, France.

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