Forest fires are an annual occurrence in many parts of the world causing important economic and ecological losses, and often, human casualties. Research in the last decade has provided a series of upgraded tools and methods to face this major threat.

This conference, part of a series of events planned by the GEO-SAFE project, will be a great opportunity to establish a state of the art in this area and to bring together academic and end user forest fire experts from across Europe.

Organized by the Entente pour la Forêt Méditerranéenne in the historical French civil protection site of Valabre, this conference will focus on fire behavior, fire safety, fire tools and will also give attendees the opportunity to visit the CESIR (European Risk Simulation Center), and participate to several demonstrations (UAV).

​For more information on #WilfireConf_2017 and to register please visit the conference website or contact us.